Making of the first album

Just a glimpse into the process of creating the Tree full of people album. There were some songs finished years ago, and I made a demo udnr the name of Jodu, which went straight into a drawer. I just didn’t know what to do with it. But the few people who had heard it told me to do something with it. So in the winter of 2006-07, I started recording, and used six old songs as the base, writing seven new ones. I brought lots of friends to our lovely studio, to do the instruments that I cant handle. It became a very slow process.

 At first I really fantizised about being finished by novembr 2006, but it took almost a year longer, with all the people, new songs bubbling up in my mind, and of course the strange process of being more and more thorough as the time passed. I suppose the album was more or less finished about may 2007.

I got a EAN bar code fast and cheap, via a music organization, and started to feel some professionalism around the project.  Then I started wondering about mastering, and read a lot about it. I talked to companies, comparing and testing. After a while I realized that I could do the whole mastering myself. It feels a bit risky, because there is a certain air of magic around mastering. And some audiophile will certainly not like it, but I figure that the result is good, and that I can pay for the next album to be mastered if this sells somewhat ok.  

During the summer it was time to look at the cover. I had an idea inspired by art nouveu poster art, which I finished. It is not bad at all, but a bit to hippie/drug related for the music on the album. I like the design, but it was not correct. So I had a look at the jazz label Blue Note cover art and was quite inspired by that instead. So with a more graphic looks and lots of photos of the people on the record, I finished the cover in september.

The pressing is made in Czech republic, at a factory called GZCD. They are cheap, efficient and very friendly. There are lots of alternatives to choose from, regarding sleeves, boklets, special designs and such. I just wanted the whole album to look professional. So 16 full color pages in the booklet, full color CD-print and a normal jewl case.  The costs are very well controlled. I record for free in our studio, which allows it to take time. The EAN bar code costed 20 euros, the pressing of 1000CD:s, printing and freight from Czech republic is 1150 euros. I suppose stamps for sending stuff around to media and reviewers will be around 100 euros. Another 100 euros for distribution to stores. I will put some money into marketing, and depending on how we can cooperate with that in our cooperative, it will not be too expensive either.

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Gramtone är musikutgivare och bas för ett gäng musiker och låtskrivare, baserade i Norrköping. Vi äger bolaget och studion tillsammans, folk med olika bakgrund och olika smak. Två dussin är vi, som ställer allt vi äger i ett rum och säger: varsågoda. Ett kollektiv av individualister har vi kallats, och varför inte: Grammisar har vunnits, stipendier har fåtts, medan somliga är kända för helt andra saker. Alla spelar roll, men inte nödvändigtvis rock. En driver ett enmansprojekt, en annan är med i fem band samtidigt. Några är runt 20, några har fyllt 50. En fick pris för årets bästa museum. Någon ligger bakom Softubes banbrytande pluggar och någon har fått utmärkelse för, hör och häpna, bästa fotbollslåt.

Gramtone satsar på en liten, spännande utgivning av ostyrig, vacker musik. Lyssna där du vill, vi finns i alla de vedertagna kanalerna. Vissa spelar live, andra spelar in. Några älskar att skriva låtar, andra spelar gitarr så fingrarna blöder. Gramtone är en plattform som används av varje band och artist som det passar dem bäst. Ibland är vi en lekplats, ibland kreativt nav, affärsyta eller en trampolin för musikkarriärer. Vi blir planterade och uppodlade av varandra, och vi gillar't. Vi tycker att musik gör tillvaron större och vill man att något ska finnas, då ska man också skapa det. Tre dussin utgivningar hittills, och mycket på gång. Titta in, lyssna in, och häng med.

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